Lena Suh Photography

So, who am I? I am a gal with a passion in capturing the special moments in the lives of others and putting my own spin on the artistic side of it.   I started my business with the love to share the images that I create. 

All photographers started somewhere, so here’s my little story.

Born in Vietnam, my mother is Chinese/Vietnamese and my father is an American.  He met my mother while stationed in Vietnam, during the Vietnam war. I came to the United States when I was four years old.  I've always had the love for art, drawing, painting, and fashion.  I remember my mom teaching me how to sew.  Making clothes for my barbie dolls were memories that I adored.  I grew up in Atlanta, GA my entire life.  My father was from Alabama and Georgia was close to home for him.  My mother who was the artistic one in the family gave me much of my inspiration and my work ethics.

My love for taking pictures came from being a mother of three beautiful daughters and capturing every detail and moment that I could capture in their childhood.  I knew that after several thousand pictures that I just might have a passion for it.  The girls went in to the modeling industry and I was definitely the Mom that went to every auditions, interviews, print and commercial work.  I enjoyed the 'behind scenes' with each jobs and learned so much from watching the surroundings. 

One of my favorites was the American Girl Photo shoot, where the absolute best in the make-up and photography industry got together for their Photo Shoots! My passion grew stronger and I wanted to have the experience of creating work of my own.  

I have a love for fitness and have been around the fitness industry for many years.  As a competitor myself, I fully understand what a competitor goes through for his/her competition.  At your best the week before or after a competition, it's a moment that is sure to be captured!  It is always nice to have pictures for keepsakes when you are at your very best! 

Here I am! The process from creating an idea, taking the picture, and editing the image is not just work ... it is doing what I do best! 

Family Photographer, Child Photographer, Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photographer 

Fitness/Sports Photographer, Event Photographer

Lena Suh, Photographer, Family and Child Photographer, Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photographer, Best Child Photographer, Commercial Photographer
Lena Suh Baby picture, Vietnam, 1971, Family and Children Photographer, Newborn Photographer, Maternity Photographer